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10 facts that will change the way you look after your construction workforce

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and to help bring the importance of this to your construction workforce, here’s our review of some of the top mental health related research statistics from the last 12 month and the impact on the construction industry. Plus what you can do to protect your construction business. 1. Time to recognise there’s a problem 73% feel that their employers within the construction industry do not recognise early signs of mental health problems. (Source: Ranstand survey 2017) 2. One third affected 34% of the construction workforce have experienced a mental health condition in the last 12 months. (Source: Ranstand survey 2017) 3. Staff turnover and retention exodus? Just under a quarter of construction workers are considering leaving the industry in the next 12 months. (Source: Ranstand survey 2017) 4. Women suffer more than men Whilst the construction industry wants more women at all levels 46% of female respondents said they were currently suffering from a mental illness, a higher proportion than men. (Source: Ranstand survey 2017). 5. Literally a matter of life and death There were 1,419 suicides in the industry from 2011-2015, this was much higher than any other profession. To put that into context, construction workers are 63% more likely to die by suicide than the UK national average. (Source: Government HSE report) 6. Construction staff say they need more help 32 per cent said that the wider industry needed to provide more support for physical and mental wellbeing. (Source: Construction News) 7. Staff keen to use better support Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of industry workers said they would use wellbeing services if their employer provided them. (Source: Construction News) 8. Work-related illness due to mental health problems According to Health and Safety Executive figures, 18 per cent of reported work-related illnesses in the UK construction industry are the result of mental health problems, such as stress, depression or anxiety. (Source: Government HSE report). 9. The Construction industry accounts for 27% of fatal accidents to employees and 10% of all major injuries which occur each year. (Source: Government HSE report). 10. 400k working days lost each year. (Source: Government HSE report). That’s why having an employee assistance programme in place is now an essential investment that pays dividend. It’s exactly what your organisation needs in order to offer avoid these problems and give better support to your workforce. Watch Marc Preston presentation in a live-cast he made on the 15th of May during Mental Health Week HERE on ‘How to support mental health in the work place’. Discover some of the ways his unique service is helping construction companies tackle this immense challenge and at the same time improve the performance of staff and companies as a whole. For more information on our unique Employee Assistance Programme, or book a Mental Health First Aid Training Course to support your employees, call us now on 0800 634 5521 or visit our CONTACT US page.


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