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In today’s world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the constant need to juggle the different areas of our lives and, in a fast paced and stressful industry like construction, even the smallest of problems can appear insurmountable without the right support. Issues such as work related stress are becoming an epidemic in a fast paced world. Our counsellors are able by appointment to offer therapeutic counselling treatments. Sometimes we’re able to resolve issues using methods such as the Mates In Mind method which allows us to seek help within our own personal network but, at times, this simply isn’t enough. We list below the following resources for those who just need to be pointed in the right direction or require specific practical advice, specialist support or urgent help in a crisis.

In Crisis

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There may be times when you are overwhelmed by negative feelings or, even feeling suicidal. The following organisations offer help and non-judgmental advice by telephone 24 hours a day for anybody who feels unable to cope.

Samaritans is a national organisation which provides a free service for advice or just a friendly ear. In crisis you can call Samaritans on 116 123

Relationship & Family Issues

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There are a number of support services available for help with issues concerning family, relationships, marriage divorce and children and below are a few that we’ve selected:

Finances and Debt Advice

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One of the biggest causes of stress is money worries and too many people stay quiet and hope that the problems will go away rather than getting the help they need. This can be particularly true for men and there are a number of counselling for men services available. Below are just a few organisations who offer from debt and money

careers, employment right & general assistance

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The following organisations are able to offer sensible, free advice on all things work related – from explaining what your rights in the workplace are to offering legal advice in the event of a tribunal or dismissal.

Mental Health, Housing and Financial Guide for Veterans

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It is not uncommon for veterans to be struggling mentally and financially after they leave the forces. The link leads you to a guide about mental health, housing and financial support available for veterans.

One of the biggest issues faced by construction workers in crisis is the lack of awareness of mental health issues and work related stress and lack of help on offer. Whilst some enlightened firms offer counselling and therapeutic services, many don’t, leaving employees feeling frustrated and alone.

Who’s got your back?

As an employer, you have certain responsibilities toward your staff – you no doubt run a tight ship and make sure that nobody ever sets foot on site without the right training, the right protective clothing and the right tools. You’ve done everything you can to ensure your employee’s physical safety but all of that may count for nothing if your staff are depressed, anxious or suffering from other stress related disorders.

Most firms wish to work safely, engage a happy and effective workforce and improve profitability. Taking care of mental health helps with each of these objectives. New Foundation Counselling encourages employers to adopt processes that help spot the signs of mental health issues in employees and colleagues We support the ambitions of Mates in Mind whose remit is to encourage the workforce to:-

  • Raise awareness and understanding of mental health in construction and mental ill-health
  • Help people to understand who, when and where to get support
  • Break the silence and stigma through promoting cultures of positive wellbeing throughout the industry.

We ask employers to take control – and responsibility – for your workforce and sign up our free two-day course on Mental Health First Aid. *

The dynamic and innovative course, which will qualify participants as a Mental Health First Aider, provides an in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors which can contribute to a deterioration in an employee’s wellbeing for both men and women in construction.

Combining knowledge with practical skills, the course will show you how to spot the signs and triggers of common mental health issues such as work related stress, encourage interpersonal skills such as non-judgmental listening and give you the confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress.

Don’t leave it to someone else – sign up for our two-day course and be your workplace hero:
First Sight – Spot the signs
First Steps – Take action to offer help and support
First Aid – Encourage treatment

A productive company has policies in place to cover every eventuality, ensuring that the business is run smoothly and consistently. Although, as is the law, your company no doubt has a policy in place with respect to physical safety, not all companies have the same in place for mental health safety and not all companies are aware of the provisions of the Equalities Act 2010

It is vital for a company to afford mental health the same status as physical health, including the implementation of a policy which provides encouragement and a support framework for more vulnerable employees during employment, during absence due to mental health issues and also on return to work from such absences.

New Foundation Counselling can provide your company with a Mental Health Policy on the signing of a 12 month subscription, helping to set the foundations in which your workforce will function to its optimum effectiveness in an environment which promotes innovation and inclusiveness.

Our policy will provide information on how to monitor mental wellbeing as well as providing opportunities for individuals to be more aware of their own mental health. The policy is clear and will help managers and supervisors to deal with issues around mental health and stress in a sensitive and effective manner.

Straight-forward, empowering and effective, our mental health policy will underline your commitment to the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Like any other part of your business, your policies and procedures regarding employee mental health should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Staff sickness levels, early retirement through ill health and negative comments during exit interviews can all be indicators that the policy is not working or needs to be fine-tuned.

Our Mental Health audit which is available free of charge on the signing of a 12-month subscription, the audit will gauge the effectiveness and success of your company’s mental health policy. We do this by studying the key performance factors (KPI’s) such as working hours, staff complaints, staff sickness levels and turnover and use of occupational health or counselling services.

We will also conduct employee surveys to find out just how your staff feel about current policies and to highlight any concerns or issues that management should be aware of.

Firms that pass our audit will be awarded a gold standard certificate of excellence for managing mental health. which will be of assistance with both staff recruitment and staff retention.

£3,000 of consultancy for your business when you sign up for 12 months’ membership.

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